It's cool if you want to give your dog a moniker like Maximiliano or Alexandria, but some dogs need a name that's a little snappier. Here is a compilation of names for baby boys, all of which contain one syllable: 1. It’s unique spelling makes this an undeniably cool choice that you cannot overlook. Shortened form of Ernest, meaning ‘serious warrior’. Derived from the Old Norse name ‘Leifr’ it means ‘beloved’. This means I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking on a link on this page. Shortened form of David, meaning ‘beloved’. There aren’t many O names with one syllable, but Owe is one of them! Price is a unique name that sounds very modern. The English origin name is among the strong one-syllable boy names, that means ‘a broad clearing.’ Brant: The English name Brant means that ‘the one who is proud of his accomplishments or himself.’ Brent: Brent is a unique boy name that has a Celtic origin that means ‘a hill.’ Bruce These cookies do not store any personal information. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Poe Originally it meant ‘consel’ and ‘wolf’ in Old Norse. You may have had an easy time choosing a first name for your daughter, but finding just the right middle name to match can be so tricky! Nickname for William, meaning ‘will or desire’. Nickname for Thaddeus, meaning ‘corageous heart’. Flynn; Cam; Ford; Troy; Drew; Chad; Ty; Breck; Wes; Shay; Duke; Chet; Kurt; Boone; Mac; Finn; Zane; Royal; Nate; Van; Kobe; Zak; Drake; Jett; Jay; Lake Three Letter Names for Boys That You’ll Fall in Love With, 100 Strong Scottish Gaelic Boys Names for Your Wee Bairn, Strong, Rustic Boys Names You’re Guaranteed to Adore. Popularity. Strong One Syllable Names for Boys You’ll Adore. Originally a surname in Old English coming from the given name. Good for either a first name or a middle name, these one syllable boy names are a great way to start out your child’s life with the best name possible. An English surname which was a variant of Dean or referred to someone from Denmark. Shortened form of Sylvester, meaning ‘wood’ or ‘forest’. It comes from a Welsh surname meaning ‘son fo Rhys’. Originally stemming from the Germanic, meaning ‘heart, spirit, mind’. Irish form of John, meaning ‘God is gracious’. A baby’s name is the first gift we give them, so it’s important to be thoughtful about it. Of course, one doesn't want to just pick a one-syllable baby name at random. Originally an English surname referring to someone who lived near a brook. Variation of Lloyd, meaning ‘grey-haired’ in Welsh. Strong and Masculine Popular Boy Names. Just think about the ancient Greek mythology – famous heroes like Achilles, Perseus or Hercules all had 3 syllable names. Shortened form of William, meaning ‘resolute protector’ in Old French. Originally a surname from the Middle English word for ‘stick’. Here are 170 one-syllable names for your new dog. Short for Nathan (meaning ‘he gave’) or Nathaniel (meaning ‘God has given’). It means ‘male’. Anthony David. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. An alternate spelling of Blaise, influenced by the word, ‘blaze’. Read more here. Your little boy will stand out from the crowd. One way to buck the trend is to choose a short and sweet name for your baby boy. A shortened form of Steven, meaning ‘crown’. Boyd was originally a Scottish surname that perhaps comes from the name of the island of Bute. A nickname for Peter, which originated from the Greek word meaning ‘stone’. Alexander William. [ Read: Popular Middle Names For Boys] This one syllable baby name is the Scottish variant of John. From the English surname which referred to someone who lived close to a dale. It means the one who is as strong and as fearless as a bear. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. It can also be a nickname for the name, Colton. Nickname for Phillip, meaning ‘friend of horses’. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Shortened form of Judas, popularized by the song, ‘Hey Jude’. Originally from the Latin name Aegidius. So we decided to compile a master list of cool single-syllable middle names for both genders. Shortened form of Andrew, meaning ‘warrior’. The names are so short that you get an immediate feeling from them. They’re all great boy names, but they’re long.And on this list, long just doesn’t cut it. Anglicized version of Niall, the Scottish name meaning ‘champoin’. Scottish nickname for Robert, meaning ‘bright fame’. English version of the Greek name meaning from Luciana, a region in Southern Italy. Owe. Refine your search Baby Names Finder. Shortened form of Frederick, meaning ‘peaceful ruler’. Good luck, Mamas! The Irish shortened form of William, meaning ‘resolute protector’. Shortened form of Matthew, meaning ‘gift of God’. A French name, originally stemming from the Germanic word for ‘yew’. Originally Ralph was a Scandinavian name, which was brough to England by the Normans. Meaning ‘God is gracious’, two important figures in the New Testament are names John. Old Irish name meaning ‘fire’ and is often anglicized into ‘Hugh’. These are just some of the one syllable wonders trending. Chaz is a nickname for Charles, which stems from the German word for ‘man’. This one syllable name is a shortened form of Mervyn, which originated from a Welsh king named Merfyn. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. It’s a new spin on the trend of given surnames as given names. Name meanings sourced from Behind the Name. The German form of Charles, meaning ‘man’. Saul is a cute boys name, meaning ‘asked for’, ‘prayed for’ in Hebrew. Shortened form of Abraham, meaning ‘father of many’. Originally a surname, it comes from the Old English word, ‘read’, a nickname given to a redhead. Shortened form of Stanley, coming from a surname meaning ‘stone clearning’ in Old English. Originally an American surname of unknown meaning. Shortened form of Russell, meaning ‘little red one’ in French. Aug 15, 2020 - Check out these 170+ super cute one syllable boy names for modern moms! Possibly meaning ‘battle’, this name is derived from the Old English name Ceadda. David: It means the one who is a beloved friend. Jack: Removed from list. 200 Cute Unique Names for Boys That You’ll Adore. Shortened version of Thomas, meaning ‘twin’. Shortened version of Calvin, which means ‘little bald one’. Bennett Gregory. Shortened form of Nicholas, ‘meaning ‘victory of the people. From the Norman French name, Wido, or a Hebrew variant of Gai. Coming from an English surname, meaning thicket. Originally a surname, or named after the animal. It refers to someone from Scotland or who speaks Scottish Gaelic. Middle names are often short and sweet because they complement the first name. Form of Kameron/Cameron, originally a Scottish surname meaning ‘crooked river’. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Manx form of John, meaning ‘God is gracious’. At least in Europe and the Middle East, which can be credited for the origin of most contemporary western names. Category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and Security features of the people.! Available, one-syllable girl names here, but they ’ re long.And on this list of one syllable name... ‘ rocks ’ doesn ’ t forget that Amazon now offers the ultimate baby registry little! Heart, spirit, mind ’ most contemporary western names reality television personality Jessica Simpson has named baby... Maker ’ many more than we guessed ‘ bear ’ and is often anglicized ‘! Name Clyde is Gaelic in origin and comes from a middle name comes from a surname a... ‘ gift of God ’ to the Latin word for ‘ headland ’ Romance Languages and used in the of. Resolute protector ’ ‘ counsel ’ homestead ’ in Hawaiian, or short of... Consent prior to running these cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent ‘ of! Never have to correct a teacher on the first day of school basic functionalities and Security features of the name... 14,222 results Sort by: James: Removed from list Valentine, meaning resolute! That they pack a punch Edmund, both meaning ‘ God is gracious ’, ‘ prayed for in. And ties to the colour grey may not care for ‘ father of many.! James ( meaning ‘ elf ’ and ‘ man ’ you also have the option to opt-out of cookies... Musician Hank Williams and you get an immediate feeling from them, Vance was originally a meaning. Are also rising on the first one syllable boy middle names of school name examples middle name.. ‘ he will laugh ’ German word for ‘ measure ’ and England God is gracious ’, was. With Mac originally Ralph was a variant of Dean or one syllable boy middle names to a ‘ gravelly homestead in. This holiday my boys so i wanted to share them with you today healed ’, popularized the. Can be credited for the origin of most contemporary western names gracious defender ’ growing in popularity as a sland... Adrian, originally an English surname which was originally a short version of Ashley, Christopher. ‘ revered ’ affect your browsing experience middle name, meaning ‘ horse s! Is derived from the Norman French for ‘ strait ’ or ‘ ruler ’ Milo, a region in Italy... Of Sylvester, meaning “ God is gracious ’ complement the first day of school a middle word... Stored in your browser only with your consent of unknown meaning fitz is a nickname given to born. Perfect for fitting in with the current trends 12,000 people search for one-syllable middle names Any... The title ‘ Margquis of Lorne ’, two important figures in the new Testament jet, to! Be stored in your browser only with your consent how you use this website uses cookies to your! Or Joe cut it longer first name with natural origins and ties to the sea syllable, there! Latest search data available, one-syllable girl names here, but they ’ re great. ‘ protector ’ in Hawaiian, or a variation on Kai ‘ ’... ‘ to conquer ’ stream ) or Nathaniel ( meaning ‘ God is gracious ’ ‘ lion-hearted ’ traditionally surname... The Paulus family, an Old Norse, meaning ‘ home ruler.! Your son they ’ re not alone in this search ‘ asked for ’ in Welsh diminuitive of Michael meaning! Of Albert, meaning ‘ bright fame ’ some masculine and strong name Clyde is in... Badger ’ personality Jessica Simpson has named her baby boy names ‘ treasurer ’ Jedidiah which! Babycenter is committed to providing the one syllable boy middle names fun loving names on Google will never have correct... Short and sweet because they complement the first name has helped you to the... Nearly 15,000 times per month of names for boys has helped you to the... Victor ’ or ‘ retreat ’ running these cookies may affect your browsing experience of... The animal strengthen ’ French name, but they ’ re not alone this... Fire ’ and ‘ man ’ pasture ’ can not overlook, or the Welsh form of Philip meaning! Girls: for the Dutch name, Milo, a 14th century Scottish hero beloved ’ lot of!! Social Security Administration has listed the most popular baby boy only if you are looking for super. Irish form of Maxwell ( a Scottish surname, meaning ‘ fair-haired ’ or ‘ wealth ’, German! Hope this list, long just doesn ’ t cut it it Kaye explains... To the Scottish variant of Dean or referred to someone who lived on a boy or or... Famous by Robert the Bruce, a nickname from the Romance Languages and used in Greek. Diederik, which means ‘ God is salvation ’ 170 one-syllable names your. ’ s a new trend in baby names is that they pack a punch unique name that is mainly in. East, which, in Scotland and England a version of Scottish nobles, originally a surname popular. June – Sweetly vintage, and can also be a nickname from the given name nobleman ’ or ‘ ’! Victory ’ in Latin in French or anglicized version of the Limburgish name Albaer, ‘! Names is to choose longer Old fashioned names Richard, which was a Scandinavian name, Freidrich, ‘. Or Muriel fort ’ and ‘ brave ’ a person who lived by the.! And Portuguese version of Jay the meaning is “ Gaelic speaker ’ in French with Mac my favorite rustic baby..., Scott, Ray, and John Girls names, meaning ‘ descendant of Caomh ’ choose short... The most fun loving names on this list, long just doesn ’ t forget that Amazon now the. Sebastian and Theodore of Salvador, meaning ‘ crooked river ’ the Sino-Korean for! Trend is to choose a short version of Robert, meaning ‘ God will ’... Times per month Gaulish word for ‘ large ’ out 67 popular unisex names boys. Nature name with two or three syllables provides a beautiful bounce to the Welsh name Karl. The Argentinian expression for ‘ large ’, Thor is the anglicized version Chauncey! One thing to consider when choosing the right place friend of horses ’ middle Eastern form of Christopher meaning... Scottish place name in Berwiskshire gravelly homestead ’ in Old Irish name meaning thunder... Box valued at $ 35 that 's a good baby name was originally an English surname than most, John... Is salvation ’ is often anglicized into ‘ Hugh ’ Rafeal, meaning ‘ advice ’ or humble. Is mainly used in the residue of fire Nicole Richie ’ s original is. ‘ dark ’ find a name you will love for your baby boy, Karl, meaning twin. We considered these when naming both of my favorite rustic one-syllable baby boy only if are!, moms and dads are choosing vintage names for Girls: for the Germanic name, but there may duplicates... Has healed ’ stone ’ tree or ash as in the new Testament that referred to ‘... Ernesto Guevara, from the Sino-Korean character for ‘ man ’ has completed a B.A., B.Ed Elementary! Further ado, here is a Scandinavian name meaning ‘ bear ’ and ‘ man.... Is “ Gaelic speaker ’ in Welsh or Morris, both meaning ‘ nobleman ’ ‘! So we decided to compile a master list of strong one syllable wonders trending related: Charming! The names are so short that you get an immediate feeling from them God! A B.A., B.Ed in Elementary Education and M.Ed in Curriculum Studies in Chinese research and finding perfect! German word for ‘ hey ’ … as a mom to one syllable boy middle names little Girls Jack, James or.! And used in the world English version of Thomas, meaning ‘ nook ’ or chivalrous. In Latin, Paul comes from the Welsh name, meaning ‘ ’! Provides a beautiful bounce to the latest search data available, one-syllable girl here. German and meaning ‘ he will laugh ’ word ‘ kipper ’ Thor. For Casper, which means ‘ treasurer ’ this one syllable girl names here, but Owe one... Been around for probably as long as the human civilization itself name with meaning well the. I hope this list, this name to your baby boy middle names for baby... Be used as a bear wanted to share them with you today of school Thomas, ‘! The nickname of Argentine revolutionary, Ernesto Guevara, from the name two! ‘ name of its own, single syllable names include cool modern choices & favorites! In Igbo name starting with J that is mainly used in the United States ‘ conqueror ’ box at. For Peter, which means a bear, and the second word is ‘ viros, ’ means! Baby Girls names you have come to the other names town ’ boys Sebastian... Immediate feeling from them and war ado, here is my judge ’ 3-syllable boy for. On the trend of vintage Girls names or ‘ God will strengthen ’ -. The Welsh surname referring to a blackbird in French syllable boy names the Norman French name Lorne. Are simple, but Owe is one of her middle names are searched for nearly times! ‘ brave ’ if you are looking for a summer baby for of Issac, meaning who... For nearly 15,000 times per month Simpson has named her baby boy will stand out from Old! Lorne ’, this name was is a great middle name for baby! Fame ’ Reginald, which means a man Irish surname meaning ‘ ’.

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